How I dyed my hair orange with BAQ Henna and Prism Lites

My favorite thing about doing my hair this way is it provides a permanent color, as opposed to using an orange or red dye which would fade over time. Henna is incredibly stubborn and difficult to remove which is why I love it, and why it provides such vibrant and rich reds and oranges. My hair will stay this color until I wish to change it, and I’ll only need to touch up the roots!

I have been using pure henna powder to dye my hair for almost 8 years now, but only recently started experimenting with chemical lighteners in addition to my henna.

I wish I hadn’t messed up my recording of the lightening process, but basically I followed the directions on the Prism Lites package and did my best to coat my hair as quickly and evenly as I could (missing a big spot, as I’ll show you lol) If you are going to put a chemical lightener or bleach on your hair pleeeeease do your research first! It’s so easy to burn or ruin your hair with these very harsh chemicals, and it’s worth the extra time to read up on the process first. Luckily pure henna powder as a dye is not at all damaging to the hair, so the only stress I am putting on it is the chemical lightener. In my henna mix I only use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice for my dye release, then water afterward until it reaches the desired consistency.

You can learn everything you need to know about using Body Art Quality Henna to dye your hair at this website here:

I currently buy my henna here:

The lightener I used, Salon Care Prism Lites Violet, can be purchased here: (the link takes you to the Blue Prism Lites, but you can select Violet from the drop-down)

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