How I Dye My Black Hair RED Using Henna // Wine Red // Mahogany Red

Something different from what i usually upload. Since most of my friends ask me how i get my red hair *which has been my style from the past 3-4 years* , i decided i’d go back to how i used to get it BEFORE i switched to hair dye. Please note that Henna is very very difficult to get rid off from your hair. It’s permanent and more permanent than any box dye could ever be. This means that i can use normal box dye only after several months and making sure all traces of henna is gone from my hair.

I could only link the Wine Red henna i got online since the Mahogany Red one is from the brand Naturveda which sells it near where i live.

Developing time for the dye – 12 hours
Processing on the hair – 4-6 hours // Longer the time , Better the colour

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How old am i?

What’s my natural hair colour?
Jet Black. Bleached it way too many times in the past. Dyed it brown and then red. Red for 3 years now.

Where am i from?

What did i film this with?
Huawei Nexus 6p and my trusty LenovoK6 Note. *No wonder the quality’s shit sorry*

What did i edit this with?
Windows Movie Maker
Music – S3RL – I’ll See You Again

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