Henna & Indigo Natural Black Hair Dye on Naturally Curly Hair

Join our brand and the absolutely gorgeous and super dope sis, Tia Kirby showing us how she naturally colors her hair using our Red Raj, Indigo, Amla and Aloe Vera Powder.

The end results are so amazing! Tia’s curls are just popping.

What you’ll need:

Red Raj: https://hennasooq.com/red-raj/
Indigo for Hair: https://hennasooq.com/indigo-for-hair/
Recommended liquid: warm to hot distilled water for both (please do not use cold nor boiling hot liquid)


Organic Amla Powder (to maintain curls): https://hennasooq.com/organic-amla-powder/
Organic Aloe Vera (for moisture): https://hennasooq.com/organic-aloe-vera-powder/

If you have greys hair that are very hard to color, in your first step use Red Raj and Indigo for Hair at 50/50 and then follow up with indigo as your second step. This will ensure darkest results and best grey coverage.

UPDATED Tia Kirby coupon: TIA20 (good until 12/31/2019)

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SHOP: https://www.hennasooq.com
Free DIY Henna Library: https://hennasooq.com/diy-henna
Tia Kirby: https://www.youtube.com/user/tots5678/

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