Henna & Hibiscus ~Natural Hair

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Hi guys! In this video you’ll see me try hibiscus powder mixed in with my red raj henna for the first time. Hibiscus powder is really red so I decided to see if it could help me to achieve more red tones.

Henna Used💜 Red Raj from HennaSooq.com

Conditioner Added💜 Aubrey Organics White Camellia

Info about Hibiscus💜

Hibiscus is an edible flower from the family Malvaceae or Mallows. Another common name for hibiscus is Rose Mallow. There are over 200 know species of hibiscus with more than 2000 hybrid species. The hibiscus species used for hair is either Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis found in China, India and their environs or Hibiscus Sabdariffa prevalent in North Africa, Thailand, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Even though there aren’t any scientific studies on hibiscus for hair, cultures have been using it for millennia and some of the benefits include:

Encourages hair growth by stimulating circulation
Discourages split ends
Prevents pre-mature greying of the hair strands
Thickens hair
A mild cleanser that helps with toxin elimination
A great hair color for natural hair especially in combination with henna

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