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How To Give Different Shades To Your Hair With Henna

Henna is one of the most widely used natural ingredients for coloring hair. In Asia and the Middle East, it is a well-known hair dye. Women in these regions have been using henna to color their hair for a long time. Even in the age of science and technology, most women prefer to use henna to color their hair. Their argument is that henna does not contain harmful chemicals like synthetic hair dyes. Therefore, they use it without fear of causing harm.

Because of this popularity of henna as a hair colorant, it is mixed with various herbs to create different shades of color. If you mix it with other common herbs, you will get incredible shades. This article gives you an overview of the herbs that you can mix with henna to create different shades. Enjoy reading this article!

If you plan to get any shade from deep black to deep brown, you can mix indigo with henna. Indigo is a blue-green dye that is extracted from a plant called Indigofera tinctoria or Isatis tinctoria. When adding indigo to henna, you must remember that indigo should not be mixed until 10 to 15 minutes before use. If you leave it standing for too long, it will lose its color.

For people with blond, grey, or pale hair, there is a dye called cassia, which is extracted from a plant called cassia obovata. It gives your hair a golden-yellow hue.

Whoever wants to have any shade from chocolate brown to medium brown needs to mix Buxus with Henna. Buxus is obtained from a plant called Buxus dioica. If you mix it with henna, you get a deep chocolate brown color. However, if you want a medium brown color, you can also mix cassia with buxus and henna.

Finally, you can add amla to the henna mixture. Amla has the property to dye the normally bright red color of henna. The trick is to add Amla half an hour or an hour before applying the henna mixture. Since Amla does not release the color as quickly, you will have to let it work for a while.

Henna Hair Dye Tutorial | Kate Benson

I’m baaaaack you guys!!!

I got a LOT of repeated requests for a tutorial on how I dye my hair auburn. Since I follow the curly girl method, I dye my hair with Light Mountain Henna from Amazon since it’s all-natural and non-damaging. Henna coats your hair to give it color rather than chemically penetrating it as normal dyes do.

If you decide you want to dye your hair with henna, keep in mind that it is a pretty permanent thing. Henna does NOT react well to some chemical dyes being used over it, and it NEVER reacts well to bleach. If you decide you want to use a non-bleach chemical dye over already hennaed hair, make sure you wait at least 3-4 weeks, and definitely MAKE SURE YOU DO A STRAND TEST before dying your whole head of hair.

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner (from Amazon)
Disposable Gloves
NON-METAL Large Bowl and Spoon
Distilled Water
Saran Wrap

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