Henna Gloss Treatment For Soft And Shiny Hair

Learn how to do a henna gloss treatment at home in a few easy steps. I’ve discovered it recently, and it’s become my current favourite hair treatment. It’s much easier and quicker than a full henna treatment and works on any hair type or colour – all you need is a few little tweaks. You can achieve a lovely warm red hue or avoid any (or almost any) colour at all. It’s all up to you. I explain it all in this video.

For my henna gloss treatment, you’ll need just 4 ingredients (plus water):
◘ 3 tbsp. natural henna → http://vitalivesfree.com/natural-henna
◘ 3 tbsp. warm water
◘ 1 tbsp.raw honey
◘ 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar (omit if you don’t want the colour)
◘ and 2-3 tbsp. your favourite conditioner (mine is this one → http://vitalivesfree.com/daily-aloe-conditioner)

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Have fun trying the henna gloss treatment out! And don’t forget to strand test it first. Please Like, subscribe, and share if you can – I’ll send you virtual hugs!

Lots of love,
Vita xx

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