Hair FAQ | Henna, Dye, Tips for Growing Long Hair

All about my hair, the color, products I use, etc! Click to skip to any section:

Natural hair color – 0:49
Photos of my natural hair color – 0:51
What led me to henna – 1:32
Henna/what I thought about it – 2:04
Photos of my first henna result vs later layers – 2:29
What color I dye my hair with NOW – 3:22
TL;DR: hair color – 4:12
That bleached part (super bright stripe) – 4:27
Ion color over natural hair vs. hennaed hair – 5:29
A couple notes on henna – 6:01
How I keep volume – 6:31
Photo of my hair when it was shorter/curlier – 6:48
How often I wash it/what I wash with – 7:51
Detangling – 8:52
Products I use – 9:51
Leave-ins and masks – 10:27
Styling – 10:40
Tips for growing long healthy hair – 11:36
How anorexia impacted my hair – 12:59
Tip that has nothing to do with hair but it’s important – 15:29

One question I forgot to answer is how fast the red fades/how I keep it lasting. Since my hair is red/hennaed underneath, the red seems to stick around a lot longer on me! It DOES fade quite quickly, but I have the help from henna to keep it somewhat vibrant.

If reading is more your speed, here’s a short version:

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