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Treatments for Postpartum Hair Loss

There are many reasons for hair loss, there is an increase in the level of estrogen during pregnancy, during this time most of your hair enters the resting phase of the hair cycle, which means that your hair does not fall out but stays on your head, giving it the desired volume. This way, it is minimized during pregnancy, which makes your hair look thick and bushy. Many women notice hair loss after the first month of delivery, others only after 3 months. Yes, it can be worrying, but if you endure too much stress, it can lead to more hair loss. So try to stay calm, there is no need to panic, take care of your hair by following natural ways to prevent hair loss.

Add more nutrients to your diet

The basic cause of hair loss is a lack of nutrients. You should consult your doctor to find out the cause of your hair loss. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, B-complex, and minerals to stop hair loss. These nutrients are found in legumes, peas, green leafy vegetables, oranges, sprouts, cottage cheese, buttermilk, soybeans, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Regular intake of these nutrients helps reduce hair loss.

Hot oil massage

It’s a great technique to prevent falling. Hot oil massage conditions the hair and improves blood circulation to each strand of hair cells. It moisturizes the hair and allows a protective layer to form on the hair, protecting it from harmful factors such as microbial activity and harmful sun rays. So try massaging your hair every day alternating with oils like coconut, Bhringraj, olive, and almond. You can also make a blend of herbal oils. You can add some herbs like amla, ritha, rosemary, fenugreek seeds. Soak these herbs for 1-2 days and then massage your hair thoroughly.

Avoid color and over-styling

Avoid artificial colorings, as they are loaded with chemicals. They can impair hair growth and cause excessive hair loss. Avoid excessive styling, for example, avoid styling heaters. Try to avoid styling with wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb for wet hair if possible.


Amla is a powerful tonic that plays a beneficial role in hair growth. It is the richest source of vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron in the body. For your hair, you can drink 2 teaspoons of Amla juice daily or massage your hair with Amla juice. You can also combine the dry amla powder with water into a paste and apply the paste as a mask to your hair. Leave the paste on your hair for at least 30 minutes and then rinse with water.


Henna is generally used for dyeing. However, there are several benefits of henna, such as its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and astringent properties that prevent excess oil on the scalp. Excess oil makes the scalp vulnerable to microbial growth, which can lead to dandruff. It also maintains the pH of the scalp. Mix the henna powder with water, for best results you can add 2 tablespoons of Amla juice or dry Amla powder and leave for a few hours. Then apply the paste to the hair and leave it on for a few hours. Then rinse with cold water.

So the first step to prevent falls should be to keep them clean, making sure the products are of good quality. If you follow the tips explained above, you can get rid of hair loss problems and achieve the natural growth of healthy hair.

Godrej Nupur Henna 100% Pure Henna Review
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