GET SHINY HAIR, SILKY HAIR , SMOOTH HAIR// how to make henna pack for hair

The Origin of Henna Wax

Henna wax is often combined with other natural plant extracts to create a formula specifically designed for hair care. Moisturizing treatment with pure henna transforms hair into a much brighter shine and strengthens and rejuvenates obviously damaged hair. Derived from the leaves of the Lawsonia plant and native to the Middle East, Egypt and India, henna is the oldest and most widely used vegetable dye in living memory. It was already used in the Bronze Age to dye skin, hair, and nails. The leaves are dried and processed into a paste to form the basis of henna. When the leaves are ground, they form reddish tannin molecules that bind very well with proteins, making the hair fibers stronger and for this reason, they are often effective as hair dyes rather than chemical-based products that would never guarantee safety for the scalp and also for health. Most hair reacts negatively to chemicals, indicating allergic reactions or uncontrollable general damage. Once again, henna wax is the best solution to prevent all these problems.

A henna treatment is usually a very good solution for treating hair that is too dry and damaged by coloring. Compared to the prices that could be paid in a salon for the same consequences, henna wax treatment is very affordable and practical. Many of the compounds used in hair products can damage hair and make it brittle. Henna is also a great way to restore strength and softness to hair. By cleaning the scalp, hair can regain its best look and natural shine. Henna treatment is also useful for people who have problems with tangled or badly damaged hair, as well as puckered and split ends.

Dry the hair well with a towel after shampooing and apply the wax with your fingers and rub it into the scalp and hair. Wrap a damp towel around your hair for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. To keep your hair in its best shape, use a henna treatment every week until you are very happy with the results and your hair has become accustomed to the treatment. For best results, use henna wax in the same way as other conditioners. Be sure to use the henna treatment, as the range itself is somewhat sticky.

GET SHINY HAIR, SILKY HAIR, SMOOTH HAIR// how to make a henna pack for hair

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