Dyeing Your Hair Red with Henna!

Hey guys! Hope this is somewhat useful! If not, I hope you at least enjoyed watching me cover my entire head in green sludge!
A couple notes:
– The henna color gets darker with each application, so use it sparingly if you want that lighter orange!
– I have used box dye (a deeper red) over the henna and it worked fine for me.
– I use box dye for my roots after the application of henna, it doesn’t stick as well to my virgin roots, so I let a bit of time pass with just box dye before dying with henna again. 🙂

Where I order my henna from:

Some helpful guides:

Odd Chap – “The Walking Moustache”
Lizzie Miles – “My Pillow & Me”

My Insta: https://www.instagram.com/rachel_maksy/

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