Drastic DIY Hair Cut : Long Henna Hair Cut Short at Home

I thought it was time for a change.
I love my hair long and I love my hair short. It’s the in-between stages that drive me crazy! Haha.
I like to cut my hair every couple of years to donate.
I usually donate to Children with Hairloss: https://www.childrenwithhairloss.us/forms_assets/Hair-Donation-Form.pdf
It’s been 3 years this time, so I was overdue for a hair cut.
I was tired of the hot, hot heat of the summer! Plus my two toddlers are always getting their fingers caught in my hair or sitting on it. I usually wear it up in a messy bun anyway, and anytime I try wearing my hair down and pretty, it just got to be a big pain in the butt with two toddlers, so I said “it’s time to cut it again!” I do hope you enjoy the footage. I’m going to be henna/indigo-ing it again soon and I’ll be sure to film that too. 🙂

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