DIY Henna Spray for stronger hair

Hello Maicurlies,

I am back with yet another DIY! Yes you read that right, a DIY Henna Spray!
This one is actually inspired by another Naturalista that has her on stash of DIY Goodies Curly Proverbz (link to her channel: She is GAAAWGEOUS!! If you haven’t been following her you NEED TO!

Thank you Curly Proverbzfor the inspiration!!!!

I modified her original recipe which you can find here:

so it would fit my hair needs and I recommend you alter any ingredients you feel will not benefit your hair to fit your own needs too!

Before you attempt to use Henna, Amla, Shikakai or any other Auyverdic herbs I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you do some research prior to application just so you are well informed about the ingredients & their benefits/disadvantages. I have a henna video here
and a blog post where I also mention Shikakai and Amla since I regularly use them in my hair care routine here:

As always I have a blog post about this recipe on my blog, read all about it over here:

Even if you know nothing about henna, amla, shikaikai and decide not to research (bad idea btw) PLEASE NOTE:
Auyverdic herbs can be drying on the hair therefore it is highly recommended that you thoroughly moisturize prior to/after using them.
Do not overdo the applications, it will cause your hair to feel dry and brittle due to the strength the herbs provide to the hair.
You might notice a colour change in your hair e.g. reddish/brown (henna & amla) therefore if you are not looking for this, DO NOT USE this recipe.
Use clothes & a towel you do not mind getting stained while spraying your hair!

Ingredients/Tools Use:
0.1oz Amla
0.1oz Shikakai
0.25oz Henna
4oz Water
4oz Rose Water
0.15oz Argan Oil
2-3 drops Alcohol Free Rose Fragrance
Coffee Filter/Cheese Cloth
Spray Bottle

I hope you enjoy the video!

By: Moro Kaju – Rokko
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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