Clear Henna Hair Treatment

We all want shiny, strong hair! Cassia is a hair treatment that produces those qualities, at least temporarily. Join me in this video as I try my first cassia hair treatment. 🙂

———- CASSIA INFO ———-
Here is the link to the exhaustive LHC thread on cassia treatments:

This is the ratio of I used for my classic+ length hair:
100g pure cassia powder
6 bags brewed chamomile tea

* I’ve seen it suggested to use 200+ grams for hair as long as mine. Since I didn’t see much of an effect with 100 grams, I’ll definitely be using more cassia next time.

*** I also forgot to mention that the cassia DID lend a golden tone to my few gray strands! It’s temporary, but still a neat effect.

———— MUSIC ————
Life of Riley by Kevin Macleod

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