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All Natural Hair Dyes and How to Reverse Gray Hair

Regardless of your age, you would like to maintain or improve your natural hair color, right? Working with all-natural hair colors is a good start, but how can you reverse the gray? Is this possible? Imagine living with healthy, silky hair again and not having to constantly cover up the grey roots. Also, consider avoiding grey in the future. The good news is that you don’t have to spend money on questionable “snake oil treatments” and “miracle pills”.

Let’s first talk about some purely natural hair dyes that don’t harm hair like strong chemical dyes. Many of these can be in your kitchen!

Lemon juice and chamomile tea give light-haired blondes and brunettes natural highlights.
Cinnamon can lighten red hair
Tea – brown
brown – brown
Turnips – red
Cranberry juice – dyes the hair a reddish color.
Natural hay – brown. (Available at most salons and health food stores)
Black Henna – This is for black hair. It is a mixture of indigo blue dye and brown henna… it is mixed to create the black.
What about the gray? Many of us would like to free ourselves from the hold that hair dye has on our lives. Here are some motivations before we get into how to reverse the hair graying process.
Repeatedly coloring hair with harmful chemicals has long-term health consequences and has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats!
You never get a second chance to make a great first impression! If you look good, you’re guaranteed a great first impression.
When you look better, you feel better and more confident, you have more self-esteem, you are sexier and more attractive.
Here are the four most important things you can do to spice up and revitalize your natural hair color from the inside out.
Attack the causes. Low nutrient diets are the main cause of signs of aging such as wrinkles and gray hair. Here are some common foods that can help you improve your diet and calm your body by creating an alkaline balance in your blood; dark leafy, lightly steamed organic vegetables such as kale, chard, and watercress; root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, and beets; and decaffeinated or low caffeinated teas such as peppermint and green teas.
Stress starves hair follicles because it constricts blood flow and does too many unpleasant things to mention. So remember to relax and choose wisely which activities and lifestyle habits will nourish you and help you feel good.
Brush your hair twice a day with a firm back and forth strokes with a soft bristle brush. This will stimulate and refresh the blood in the hair follicles, increasing the nutrients that give the hair its natural color and shine.
Pay attention to your shower water. Heavy metals and corrosive chemicals such as chlorine are common in most tap water for people in city water – install an inexpensive shower filter to protect your skin and scalp!
Additional tip: Leave the raw organic coconut oil in your hair overnight! It’s amazing.
These tips and tricks on all-natural hair colors and how to reverse gray should make a noticeable difference in hair color, body, and shine in two to three weeks.

Here is me talking about how I bleach my henna hair.

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