Apply Henna On Hair For Strength, Color & Shine | Tutorial

Applying Henna Paste on Your Hair Tutorial by Morrocco Method.
Watch as Laurelle, a dear friend of Morrocco Method, shows how to make henna paste and apply henna to hair. She recommends adding apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to deepen the henna color if you wish to do so.

This video uses Morrocco Method’s henna hair dye… it’s a 100% natural way to enhance the color of your hair that has been used for thousands of years. It’s the only way to add color to your hair without all the damaging effects of synthetic hair dyes.

Synthetic hair color ruptures hair cuticles with ammonia, among thousands of other chemicals. Ammonia is the main ingredient in antifreeze – that shouldn’t go anywhere near your scalp or head! Especially because we absorb 60% of the chemicals we put on our skin… Henna is the best alternative for dyeing your hair!

Each shade of our Henna hair dye is made with a blend of natural henna and indigo, with the exception of blonde henna which is made with cassia, marigold, and chamomile tea. Henna works by penetrating your hair and adding color deep into your strands to strengthen your natural tones and add a nice shine to your hair, all while conditioning and smoothing your strands.

Morrocco Method – a leader in all-natural, paraben and sulfate free, wildcrafted, and non-GMO haircare based on the Five Elements – has a video on mixing perfect black henna paste for all natural auburn hair color, red highlights or subtle conditioning effects:

An optional addition to the henna hair dye is the all new Amla powder. This stuff works great to strengthen the dye results of the henna even more and it prevents those colors from fading as quickly. It works to limit red tones and can also be used on its own to add body and shine to your hair.

Check out a video on making Amla powder paste for hair here:

We also have a video on the benefits of Amla Powder:

Want to take your haircare routine to the next step by cutting out the harsh chemicals that even the so-called “organic” or “natural” shampoos contain? Check out our website!

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Thank you for wanting to know more about all-natural alternatives and taking action to treat your hair right. You deserve it.

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