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Henna Tattoo – An Ancient Practice to Adorn Women

Henna is a tropical flowering plant that comes from the Arabic word for Lawsonia Inermis, pronounced as Hina. It is a tall shrub or small tree that usually grows in Africa, South Asia, and Northern Australia. The leaves of henna produce a reddish-orange dye, which is used to color hair and tone body parts such as hands and feet.

Henna tattooing is an ancient Indian body art also known as Mehendi or Mehndi. It is an art that uses the henna plant as ink or paints to refine ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns that are traditionally applied to various parts of the body, especially the hands and feet of women, in preparation for special ceremonies.

Since the late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean, it has been a common practice to decorate the bodies of young women as part of parties and social celebrations. The early context shows that according to the Ugandan legend of Baal and Anath henna is used for marriage and fertility celebrations. Women mark themselves with henna to prepare for the meeting with their husbands. Between 1500 and 500 B.C., paintings and statuettes of young women were discovered. Their hands, nails, palms, and soles show ancient marks and patterns. Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, and Christians celebrated weddings with henna to decorate the bride and often the groom as well. Traditionally the henna or mehndi tattoo is used as a symbol of love and joy. It is a pre-wedding ritual to bring happiness and joy to the couple. It is said that women use as much henna to establish different patterns as the flowers and the names of their husbands. According to beliefs and traditions, marking women’s bodies with henna attracts wealth, love, healing, and protection.

Although henna tattooing is popular among women today and is used more often, men seem to find it a good alternative to permanent tattooing. It is a painless and temporary tattooing process. Mehndi or Henna tattooing only lasts for one to four weeks. It’s not a lifetime commitment. The design you have chosen today may already be available for the next model. The henna tattoo can be removed and changed if a person has it and wants a different and unique design.

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