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Indian Wedding and Mehandi

The Mehandi function usually takes place just before the wedding day and is an occasion when the bride adorns herself with henna and the name of the future husband is hidden in the drawings on the palm of her hand; As in the Hindu religion, the fate of each person is considered to be engraved along with the lines of the palm, and writing the husband’s name on the bride’s palm is an attempt to intertwine the two lines of fate – those of the bride and groom – forever, in the hope that they will remain as rich and fragrant as the henna on the bride’s palm. Another saying that is repeated in the ceremony is that the darker the color of the Mehandi on the bride’s palm, the more her future husband will love her.

Only the ladies attend the ceremony and it is usually a private affair, which takes place in the presence of family, friends, and relatives until one decides to celebrate it with pomp and spectacle. The bride’s hands, arms, legs, and feet are decorated with Mehandi, usually by a Mehandi expert, and this ritual is accompanied by cheerful singing and women singing traditional songs with dholak rhythms for a happy married life for the bride.

Traditionally, henna paste, which is applied to the bride’s palm, was prepared by grinding dried leaves of the henna plant. Today, however, there are several types of Mehandi on the market in the form of powder, which is mixed with water to form a paste. Different types of Mehandi designs that differ from the complicated traditional bridal Mehandi have also become increasingly popular among brides, such as the Arabian Mehandi, the Glass Mehandi, the Tattoo Mehandi, etc. As part of a tradition, a bride is not allowed to work in her marital home until the color of her Mehandi has faded.

Since the ritual is of such enormous importance in an Indian wedding, care must be taken to set the Mehandi artist for the bride. Nowadays, with the advent of wedding planning agencies, people are presented with many options, choices, and suggestions, but before choosing a Mehandi artist, there are a few things to consider, such as reviewing the artist’s portfolio and evaluating the color, detail, and quality of his designs. If in doubt, you should opt for the free Mehandi sampling to see their work first hand.

The Mehandi ceremony is just one of the many small traditions that complete the picture of a kaleidoscopic Indian wedding. All these ceremonies and traditions, sprinkled with ancient proverbs, fairy tales, and superstitions, make the Indian wedding an event that reflects and gives a glimpse of the vibrant, clear, dazzling, exotic, and multilingual culture of India.

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