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Name Tattoo Designs – What You Must Know

Tattoos are considered today as popular, if not important, skin decoration. People who have a gift for art and drama would probably tattoo themselves on the most desirable parts of their bodies. It is not important that the tattoo is a little painful, the result is worth it. Besides, tattoos leave room for frustrated artists and fighters to show their talents on a rock field. People who dream of becoming famous painters or designers can use their talent to create tattoos, giving the vast majority the opportunity to show off their skills.

There are several different tattoo designs available to everyone. Most of these designs are unique and are custom made according to the taste and preferences of the individual. There are designs that are made for women, while there are bolder and larger designs that are made for men. Today, name tattoos have become famous to many people.

Those who use name tattoos have personal reasons, such as wanting to honor a certain person or to show their love and affection for that particular person. The names engraved on various parts of their body obviously belong to those who mean a lot to them, i.e. names of spouses, lovers, best friends, parents, children or other personal and intimate relationships they have. The most common designs are those that have the “name” with a heart or an arrow. Other common designs are names that have flowers, bold hearts, and thorns in them. There are also name tattoo designs that use their own nicknames or personal statements such as “Daddy’s Girl” or “Teacher’s Pet. There are even designs that use profane or unusual nicknames. These tattoos can be printed in larger and bolder letters to emphasize the accent, or in smaller fonts to indicate intimacy and tenderness.

People have different ideas about how they want their names tattooed on their bodies. When you decide on a name tattoo design, you have many choices about how it should be presented. You can use initials instead of the full name so that it is not too obvious to other people. Flag tattoos are also recommended for those who have other designs they want to include with their names.

Some people prefer to use calligraphy instead of alphabets to show uniqueness and individualism. They choose to use different graphics of letters from different languages to radiate a secret and hide their true meaning. The most commonly used calligraphic name tattoos are Chinese symbols. Their calligraphy has other meanings besides the letters themselves, so they are perfect design options. The use of Japanese kanji is also popular. However, when considering calligraphic name tattoo designs, make sure you know the exact meaning or representation of the letters so as not to distort the purpose. It is recommended that you bring a friend who knows the meaning of the letters to make sure you don’t make a mistake with the tattoo.

Simple Mehndi Design | New Mehndi Design 2019 | Mehndi Designs | Mehndi | HENNA ART

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