Personalised Henna Candle | Henna By Shay – UK Professional Henna Artist

Shay, the artist behind “Henna By Shay” began her journey in Surrey whilst studying at The University of Surrey. She began applying henna at small events such as birthdays and wedding parties. As her work improved, her client base grew and led to doing henna for corporate clients, brides, bridesmaids and the wedding entourage, on-body advertising for start-ups, school events, anniversaries and many more.

With over 8 years of experience, she is well-versed with the traditional and modern styles of henna body art, but mostly opts to create her own unique pieces combining the two styles into one. Her experience stems from applying henna for family and friends for events such as weddings and social gatherings where she learned and practiced all the tips and tricks to drawing precise fine lines, creating a clean design and keeping a steady hand throughout.

To view her stunning creations, take some time and browse through her gallery at

Personalised candles are available to order. Please email with details. Alternatively, you can WIN one by following me on Instagram and taking part in my GIVEAWAY competitions 🙂

Music: Emotional-5027

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