New Full hand shaded Arabic Mehndi designs ||Simple /Easy mehendi designs 2019 ||mehndi designs

Candle Luminary Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Home

Many of us love candles. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home from a crazy day at work to spend a relaxed evening alone lighting some henna candles or candlesticks in the bedroom. Here are some ideas homeowners might consider to spice up their home.

Fancy decoration?

If you want to collect beautiful objects to decorate your house, you can’t go wrong with henna candles. These are different from the regular candles you can get at any store. They come with intricate designs carved into them and you can see them clearly. Many homeowners love to use these beautiful candles as decorations on their tables or shelves. Of course, it is no problem to light them, as some of them are made of high-quality paraffin wax, which makes them last longer. So you might as well light them when planning a dinner party, especially if you have guests visiting. You will appreciate the beauty of the designs of these candles.

Swim them

If your house has a pool or pond, you could even put floating candlelight in the water. You will only see the effect in the evening or at night when these candles illuminate the pool. As long as you are not planning to go swimming, the idea is to enjoy the effect of lighting these candles and letting them float in the water. This is ideal if you are having a relaxed meal outdoors with family and friends. You could even put some lit candles on the table where you enjoy your meal. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pool or pond. You could get a wide clay pot, fill it with water and put some floating candles in it. Be creative and improvise with your surroundings.

Group them together

If you have several different types of candles, there is always the possibility to group them in a creative way. Some may prefer to light only a few candles and place them in different locations, while others have the option of creatively grouping them. The choice is yours. Or you could have a mix of scented and unscented candles in the same room. You wouldn’t want the smell to be too overwhelming if you had to light many scented candles in one room.

New Full hand shaded Arabic Mehndi designs ||Simple /Easy Mehendi designs 2019 ||mehndi designs

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