Khaleeji/Khafif henna design || Khaleeji mehndi design for full hand || Stylish Khaleeji mehndi


Today’s video is for those who have been asking for all those famous khaleeji artists inspired henna designs like @mooane93 or @r7maa94 or @amoolalmanji. This one is inspired by the insanely talented @r7maa94. You can find her on
Instagram with the same name. Her khaleeji or khafif henna designs are out of this world and to be honest all those Khaleeji artist have their unique style and each one of them are just incredible in their henna work.

I hope you like this one.
The hand is of the very kind : @bhumi_jainn

My instagram :

#khaleejihenna #mehndi #henna #khafifmehndi

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