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Ideas On Tattoos – Henna Tattoo Designs

The growing popularity of the henna tattoo has many reasons.

One reason would be that not all people are really sure they want a permanent tattoo that will last the rest of their lives. Many people want to experiment with the idea of a tattoo before committing to it for the rest of their lives. Since henna does not penetrate the outer layer of skin, it will fade and eventually disappear over time.

While henna tends to produce only dark colors, it can be produced in different shades, all of them dark. At the outer limits, the henna impression may last for about a month before it fades away. In reality, however, it will probably not last more than 7 to 10 days, depending on the skill of the artist who created the work.

The number of paintings or designs available is limited only to the imagination of the artist. Most designs are influenced by the region of the world represented. The ink used comes from the pulverized leaves of the henna plant. Most tattoos like this have very open and floral designs, which have been processed into very feminine writing patterns.

Since the application of this type of tattoo on the body causes almost no pain, there are no restrictions as to the exact place where they can be applied. However, in practice, tattoos on the upper limbs are the easiest, and tattoos on the lower limbs are the most difficult to do. The hand is by far the most popular place for placement than any other option.

Perhaps a very positive feature of the henna tattoo is its reputation for being safe to place on the body.

Unlike a real permanent tattoo, there is no risk of possible germ infection in the needle. Since the ink does not penetrate under the outer layer of skin, there is no reason to worry about possible infections.

Since most of us are not big fans of the suffering caused by a long and painful application process, which can take hours, the completely painless application process is a great advantage. Besides, we are all a little afraid of making the wrong decision when we get our first tattoo and regret what we have done forever. Since henna is only there for a week or two before it fades, we don’t have to worry about having to live with something we really don’t like.

The only real color of henna tattoo ink is brown because black ink contains many harmful ingredients. So if they suggest that black ink is the right way, just say NO. At least for henna tattooing, it is suggested to use only brown colors and avoid using red colors and of course without black ink.

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