How To Apply Henna to Cover Gray Hair (Lost Footage from 2018)

How To Apply Henna to Cover Grey Hair ~ Lost Footage! Hi Guys, I was going through my library of videos and found this one! I had intended to upload this a year ago, but missed it somehow!

So I’ve decided to share it with you all now! This is still how I apply Henna in my hair to cover my gray hairs and to condition my hair.

If you guys are following me, you know that today (Jan 2019) my hair is longer, but also very damaged from a sew-in weave. In this video you can see the health of my hair, this time last year…oh what a difference 1 year can make! Well now I am on a healthy hair journey and will get back to strong, healthy hair!

So today… I’m sharing with you guys How to Apply Henna to Cover Grey Hair. The Henna will stain your grey hairs with a beautiful reddish cooper tint! Henna also helps to strengthen and condition your hair. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial!

~~Be sure to continue watching this Healthy Hair Journey, in the next video, I will show you guys how I make all of the products for each step in the Maximum Hydration Method! Baking Soda Rinse, Deep Conditioner, Clay Mask Rinse, Leave In Conditioner and Flaxseed Gel and how to do a Wash & Go for styling my natural hair!~~

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