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Mehendi Tattoo – Why Indian Brides Are Supposed to Wear These Mehendi Tattoos

Mehendi Tattoo is the application of henna mainly to decorate the skin on any occasion. It became fashionable in the West in the late 1990s. Sometimes they are called henna tattoos. No Indian marriage is complete without this Mehendi tattoo. This is called the sign of Suhaagan. You can be anywhere in India; however, brides are adorned with this beautiful and charming red shade of Mehendi tattoo art. Beauty salons in India have special Mehendi packages designed for weddings and many other colorful events in the country of India. The normal Indian Mehendi covers the entire palm and the Arabic Mehendi is drawn on each side of the hand. The cost of using the Mehendi varies from person to person, from room to room, and from the amount of work involved in a particular design.

The meaning of the tattoo is different depending on the color. A good dark design means luck for married couples. The names of the bride and groom are hidden in the Mehendi design and the wedding only has to start when the groom finds out the names. The traditional designs known to people are the peacock, the lotus flower, and an elephant. Some men and women get these tattoos on their stomachs and arms in addition to the bride’s make-up. The women look so beautiful with their traditional clothes and the Mehendi tattoos on their hands. The view is so lovely for the eyes.

It is said that henna was also used in ancient Egypt to color the fingernails, fingertips, palms, and feet. Apart from weddings, this way of applying henna has its own meaning for celebrations such as Gangaur, Teej, Raksha Bandhan, and Karva Chauth. Today women have developed a unique and different style of Mehendi patterns. Some of the popular Mehendi patterns are henna tattoos, crystal patterns, chopper patterns, peacock patterns, saroski patterns, and traditional Indian design.

It is not only the beauty of the grass that makes it so special. It is also the medicinal quality of the plant that makes it the most important of all. It refreshes the body when applied to the hands, feet, or hair. It nourishes the hair and even dyes it to cover gray hair. That’s why Mehendi tattoos are generally more beneficial than the rest.

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