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Lighting Up Your Decorating Project With Moroccan Light Fixtures

Moroccan lighting is one of the most unique concepts for many reasons. Moroccan decoration is generally very difficult to find in the United States and is also very unique in Morocco due to the different historical, cultural, and artistic influences. Moroccan lighting, with its vibrant colors, elaborate geometric shapes, exotic designs, and unique raw materials, is the most famous symbol of Moroccan decoration.

Henna lamps, made of stretched goatskin and hand-decorated with traditional henna patterns and sometimes dyed with saffron or paprika-based dyes, are a great way to add an earthy and rustic touch to any room. Hennaleu lamps can also be used as decorative wall pieces without lighting. It is often said that Morocco is the country of recycling, where nothing goes to the waist. Goatskin is recycled into these beautiful lampshades and given to henna artists to give them the final decorative touch. Most, if not all, henna artists are women who earn extra money and for whom this is the only way to gain financial independence.

A stained glass lamp with carved motifs can be a bolder and more extravagant way to spice up your room. With Moroccan lamps, also known as Moroccan lanterns (useful search terms when researching on the web), you can add a little eclectic style to virtually any existing concept you already have.

If you already have wrought iron or rustic furniture, a hand-hammered chandelier is a perfect choice that would wonderfully enhance the feeling of magic and warmth that only Moroccan chandeliers can achieve.

With a few pieces of Moroccan lighting and a few accent pieces, a truly exotic Moroccan oasis is created.

Tips for using Moroccan lighting

Consider “playing” with different powers that can help you get a different look, experiment with a candle instead of a light bulb, if possible, a candle works better in a small space. When using henna lamps or wall lamps, very low power of 20-25 watts is recommended. Colored bulbs are a good way to add color to your project.

Take care of your Moroccan lighting

Maintenance of your Moroccan lighting is minimal and will ensure that your items last a long time. For most fixtures with opening side doors, the hinge only needs to be lubricated from time to time. Henna lamps and wall lights require absolutely no maintenance, but henna is expected to fall off, as it is designed to do so. The actual henna on the skin of the candlesticks will fall off, leaving the reddish design tattooed on the surface, so it is useless to fight against it, and you will be surprised to see that it will beautify your piece even more. If you use Moroccan lanterns outside, you should consider spraying them with a clear sealant to prevent the lamps from rusting. There are two ways to coat your lamps. You can be meticulous with just the metal parts or you can simply spray the sealant over the entire lamp including the glass. If you choose to coat the entire lamp, you will process it to make the lamp look old. Be sure to always keep the hinges protected so you can open and close the door.

Bulb or candle?

Aesthetically speaking, using a candle will always bring out the best in your lamp. It works best in a small space where less light is needed or dimmed lighting is desired. Using a bulb brings more light into larger rooms. If your flashlight has a flat base, you can simply place a candle in it and take the same fire safety precautions as usual. If you decide to use an electric bulb, remember that most, if not all, Moroccan importers of lighting fixtures do not supply the wiring kit, which you can easily purchase at a minimal cost from your local hardware store. Once you have the wiring kit, all you have to do is insert it through the opening door and pull the plug out of the top opening of the lamp, and voila, you can present the new lamp.

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