8090100 Easy arabic mehndi design for hand || latest mehndi design || henna designs || mehndi

Henna – The Best Alternative to Airbrush Tattoo

With the acceptance of the tattoo in modern society, more and more people are attracted to the idea of getting a tattoo. The only thing that stops them from doing it is the fact that it is permanent and painful. A temporary tattoo solves this problem. Temporary tattoos can be done with airbrush tattoo inks for temporary tattoos or with henna.

Henna is by far the best option since it is a natural tattoo. There is always a risk of allergy, but compared to tattoo inks with probably synthetic ingredients, it is much less. Being aware of the complications that henna can bring is always a good thing to consider. Natural henna is not available in dark colors. Dark henna, which is black or sometimes indigo blue, is made by combining natural henna with a chemical product. Even with natural henna, there is a special risk for people who have a genetic disease called G6PD deficiency. At high doses, these dyes can be lethal to these specific individuals. Therefore, it is best to first apply henna to a small area of the body as a skin test.

I’m sure you’ve already come across henna tattoos. Henna has been used since ancient times. The motifs normally associated with henna are of Asian and Indian influence. Another thing about henna motifs is the attention to detail. Although there are traditional henna designs that are very popular, there is no lack of design experiments. There is also no problem when it comes to removing tattoos, as the skin itself simply removes the layers of henna dye over time. However, there are tattoo studios that try to imitate henna tattoos, but instead of natural henna, they use a red dye in the typical tattoo machines. This makes the tattoo permanent.

8090100 Easy arabic mehndi design for hand || latest mehndi design || henna designs || mehndi

Hi my dear friends, In this video, I am sharing a beautiful mehndi design with easy 8090100 number tricks. This mehndi is very easy and simple for mehndi beginners. I hope you all will like this Arabic mehndi design.

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