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Ideas on How to Keep Kids Entertained During a Wedding

Entertaining children at a wedding is a simple process. First, you need to be ahead of their needs. Then you involve them. And finally, you create a space for the children to stay overnight if the wedding becomes too much.

Make sure that the children’s needs are met at a wedding by predicting what they will need and giving it to them before they need it. Plan the wedding for the late afternoon so that it doesn’t disturb bedtime. Assume that they will get tired anyway and set up an area where parents can take their children to sleep. Instead of expecting the children to sit down for dinner like good little adults, make a buffet of baby food for them to eat from while they walk and play. At the very least, make sure that there are child-friendly staple foods such as small crackers, cookies or muesli, for those children who simply cannot wait a second longer to eat. Have portable DVD players or video game systems ready for children who are bored, overwrought or looking for trouble. If you are always one step ahead of the kids’ needs at a wedding, they have little chance of losing control over themselves.

Predict the children’s needs by creating their kind of fun at the wedding reception. Hire an actor to keep them engaged and entertained. This can be anything from a magician or a Disney character to a henna artist or face painter. Let both children and adults participate in games. If it’s an outdoor reception, hold a relay race or a Nerf football match. Getting them moving in this way has the added benefit of consuming energy and exhausting them. Set up a craft area where children and adults alike can make gifts for the bride and groom or wedding gifts for the home. Create a photo scavenger hunt and have the kids search the group for shots of the wedding couple kissing, the oldest dancing people and the youngest wedding guest. Make the wedding or reception as fun for the kids as it is for the adults, and you won’t have to worry about the kids getting bored or the adults distracted from the wedding experience.

Another way to anticipate the children’s needs is to create a space for them at the wedding. Create a zone where they can relax and just be kids. If the wedding is to take place at night, hire someone to throw a pizza party for the kids. Have them take off their elegant dresses and put on their pajamas. Cover the floor with pillows or mattresses, spread pizza, chips, and juice, and let them be themselves. This can be a place where parents drop off their children for the duration of the wedding reception, or it can be a place where the children wander around when they’ve had enough of dealing with adults. Creating a space just for children gives the wedding couple the assurance that the wedding and reception will go as desired and allows parents to relax and enjoy the celebration knowing that their children are well taken care of.

505050 Amazing trick,easy beautiful mehndi || henna designs || easy arabic mehndi designs || mehndi

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