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Hi my dear friends, In this video I am sharing a beautiful mehndi design with easy 121 number tricks. This mehndi is very easy and simple for mehndi beginners. I hope you all will like this arabic mehndi design.

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Study Indian Customs and Traditions

In caricatures and illustrations, we often identify Indians not solely by their clothes and excessive-bridged noses, but in addition by means of the distinct dots on their foreheads. But are you aware what such dots stand for? If you don?t, then it?s most likely time you learn Indian customs and traditions, even only a bit. So why don?t we skim the surface of such traditions that have stood as symbols of India to the remainder of the world. Listed below are among the commonest Indian practices.


You?ve in all probability seen Indians, each men and women, sporting tattoos on their our bodies, particularly on their hand and feet. Most often, nonetheless, these tattoos are usually not everlasting as they?re only produced from henna. Henna is a kind of tree whose leaves are ground to provide a dark reddish brown sap, which is then used to tattoo the skin. This traditional manner of using henna, nonetheless, is slowly getting out of mode as people can now easily purchase prepared to make use of henna powder in the local Indian markets.

Henna tattoos are applied for aesthetic purposes. Properly, who wouldn?t discover them beautiful with their exquisite and complicated designs? Indian tattoos are sometimes elaborate and painstakingly carried out with ability and patience, which is why tattooing is considered an art. Other than ornamental functions, however, tattoos are applied as a result of they?re considered lucky. Thus, it?s achieved when celebrating completely happy occasions. It?s additionally obligatory for brides to have tattoos on their palms and feet.


Namaste, that means ?I bow to you,? is the most typical Indian greeting that?s each formal and informal. They use it to greet anyone, be it a child or an elder. Emphasis on respect, nonetheless, varies by way of the way of the Namaste gesture. As one says Namaste, one places arms within the praying position in entrance of his chest, accompanied by a slight bowing of the head. Nonetheless, if one is greeting a person of upper status, one locations his fingers in front of his forehead and bows. And if one is to say Namaste as a gesture of reverence to a holy person or to God, one places his arms above his head.


This is the attention makeup traditionally utilized by Indians to line their lower lashes or eyelids. It has been used ever because the historical occasions and is believed to protect the eyes from the sun?s glare and completely different eye ailments. Even youngsters are utilized with kajal of their eyes, nape, and forehead to protect their vision and protect them from bad luck.

Kajal could be made at house by merely collecting the soot of a castor oil lamp and mixing the soot with ghee or clarified butter.


Bindi, which suggests ?holy dot? in Hindi, is probably the most well-known round dot discovered on the foreheads of each Indian males and women. It’s placed on the realm between the eyebrows and may be coloured yellow, purple, black or dark orange. It’s applied to the lady?s forehead on the finish of the marriage ceremony to point that she is already married. Nonetheless, the color and presence of bindi could fluctuate relying on the event and the sect the individual belongs to. So it?s simply regular to see youngsters carrying them or even Hindu priests.

These are just few of the things that generally characterize the culturally wealthy country that’s India. But when individuals would just exert effort and study Indian culture and traditions, they might be capable to recognize such practices and symbols more than as elaborate rituals and fairly decorations.

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