इस तीज त्योहार कंघी से लगाएं मेहँदी – COMB Trick Mehndi Designs 2019, Arabic Henna Design from Comb!

Tattoo Design – Have You Ever Wondered From Where and How These Beautiful Tattoos Emerged?

Tattooing is a popular art that is widely spread in most parts of the world. People of all ages love to get tattooed. This is done by piercing the outer layer of the skin and inserting the color into the skin. Tattoo designs of symbols, signs, and letters were some of the ancient designs that were tattooed. You may wonder how this beautiful art was made. All of this can be achieved by using tattooing techniques or methods. The basic concept of tattooing is the same with each method, but the way it is done changes!

Tattooing can be done with modernized techniques as well as with old techniques. In the ancient technique, tattooing was done with one or more needles attached to a stick and introduced into the skin by light tapping. This technique was called dew because it involved tapping.

Many different methods were used to create tattoos. One of them is the tribal tattooing method practiced by the Sioux. The women drew a circle or a line on the skin using clay. The pattern is then pierced with an awl and rubbed with blue clay. The clay flows through the holes in the punch before the clay has had time to dry. In Europe, Ojibwa was drawn on the skin with a stick dipped in a solution of gunpowder and water. After drawing, the pattern is punctured with a needle dipped in vermilion, and the skin is burned with an awl to prevent the formation of pus. The entire area is treated with an antiseptic herbal wash. All these processes would take many days to complete.

All of the above methods are used for a permanent tattoo. For a temporary tattoo, henna is used. Henna is a kind of herbal plant that, when applied to the skin in the form of a paste of lemon juice, coffee or tea, and sugar, remains for a few months or days. The color of henna is preserved for a long period of time if the quality and process of application.

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Today I am going to show you how to make easy & simple mehndi design using COMB! This Comb Trick will be very easy for mehndi beginners!

See Amazing Trick Mehndi here – https://youtu.be/ETv_-UVDN-A

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Unique New Arabic Henna Design – https://youtu.be/t60IZiEUg1E

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