Small Bedroom Closet DIY Makeover | Ikea Algot Closet Installation | Small Guest Closet Organization

Small Bedroom Closet DIY Makeover | Ikea Algot Closet Installation | Small Closet Organization

Thank you so much for watching! In this video I am sharing another DIY closet makeover using the Ikea Algot closet system! This is a small bedroom closet had any previous shelving torn out when we got some drywall work done, so I had a clean slate to start with. This is a spare room used as a guest bedroom in my home, so I don’t have a lot of things to organize and store in this closet, but I wanted to make sure it was installed and set up for resale purposes whenever the time comes. I start off by giving my trim and baseboards a fresh coat of bright white paint, followed by repainting the entire interior of the closet. Then I started to install the pieces to the Ikea Algot closet system. The initial horizontal brackets I install are not necessary for structural support of the closet, but they make installation go so much more smoothly. After installing the vertical support brackets, I start to place in my various shelves and drawers. Even though I use the planner tool online beforehand, I always end up moving these around a few times to suit my needs. I also made a mistake with my drawers slightly hitting my door trim when they open – so that’s just something to take into consideration when you are installing & planning! After the Ikea Algot closet system is installed, I put a few odds and ends in the closet for storage or that would be useful for when guests come to stay.

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