Hey hey hey! I’m back, exhausted as ever! lol This is short, sweet and to the point. A no frills clean up video! Kind of embarrassing how much of a hot mess this closet was, but it was our storage room so you can’t blame me haha. Bur now, it’s ready to go…well, almost! I’m sure I will add or change some stuff around. Either way, I hope you guys can get some ideas for your closet organization and if you have some for me, shoot them my way!

Thank you all so much for watching!
If you take anything from my channel and the things I do, is that you can have nice things without breaking the bank. I didn’t grow up with much and I have always been very frugal with certain things. I also like to have nice things….in experimenting and having confidence in myself, I have been able to make one of a kind things! I hope this will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and do things you never thought you could.

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