MAJOR CLOSET CLEANOUT + (Re)Organizing! | Apartment Declutter Pt. 1

summer is ending, fall is approaching, and it’s time for a loooong-overdue closet purge! watch me go through all four of the closets (+ more) in my nyc studio apartment — including shoes, outerwear, dresses, and everything else. at the end, i also share a quick look at how i organize my closets (color coded, always), a little bit of my decluttering ~philosophy~, and a recap of everything i decided to get rid of. it’s a whole wardrobe’s worth, tbh 😅

stay tuned for more on how i sell my clothes soon!
do you want to see more declutter videos? anything else? lmk!

insta: @spicycurray

🎶: johan lilja – go with me
professor Xv – goodbye

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