GETTING RID OF ALL MY CLOTHES! Extreme Closet Clean Out!

In today’s video I’m getting rid of ALL of my clothes- or at least a LOT of them! Give this video a THUMBS UP if you like cleaning and decluttering videos!

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Hey guys! In today’s video I’m sharing with you my extreme closet clean out! I had a baby 9 months ago and a LOT of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. I went up about 2-3 sizes in jeans [thanks, hips] and it was time for me to just admit things have changed and lose the dead weight. Please note that I do not care about the size or number that my clothing is, it’s just weird being one size my entire life and then all of the sudden having your body change and not being able to fit in your old clothes!

So for today’s video I’m doing an extreme closet clean out / closet declutter and organization. I’m trying on and getting rid of all my clothes that don’t fit or are no longer my style. My style is changing toward more of a capsule wardrobe / I like to have great basics that I can mix and match, so that’s the mind set I took in to today’s closet clean out. Also, I just want less stuff / want to be more minimalist than I currently am!

My poshmark: @carlycristman
I will be listing clothes from my clean out on my poshmark account. These clothes are in great condition, I just either can’t fit into them anymore or I have no where to wear them. I price everything on my poshmark very low because who wants to buy second hand clothing for only $10 off? No one. So I will usually price dresses that were around $200 for about $50 because I want you to get a good deal and enjoy your purchase. So if you’re interested, make sure to follow me over there or on instagram for when I announce that the sale is live.

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