EXTREME CLOSET CLEAN OUT + ORGANIZATION- I can’t believe it looked like this!

In today’s video I’m doing an EXTREME closet clean out and organization! You won’t believe this transformation- I can’t believe I’m showing you how it looked before! Give this video a THUMBS UP if you like organization videos!

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Getting rid of all my clothes: Extreme Closet Clean out part 1

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Hey guys!

Today’s video is an extreme closet transformation! Our master bedroom closet was disorganized and cluttered. We always planned to build it out, but then a month went by and then two months and before you knew it- it looked like a total disaster! So watch us declutter the closet and do an extreme closet clean out! We did a complete closet transformation and overhauled the storage and organization.

The build outs we used to create our walk in closet were from:
Modular Closets

These transformed our closet into a Pinterest style walk in closet!
If you are unable to do construction or are renting your place, make sure to check out my video on small closet storage hacks that can be done in apartments and require no installation:

10 Small Closet Organization + Storage Ideas

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