Cleaning My Closet *AGAIN*

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Hey friends and welcome to my first video of 2020! We are starting the year off with a brand new Deep Cleaning 2020 series. In todays video I’m Cleaning My Closet – again. I wanted to start the new year off feeling refreshed and organized and one of the major areas that makes me feel overwhelmed easily is my closet. Closet organization, Cleaning Motivation, Closet Declutter were all things at the very top of my 2020 Goals list. In this closet clean with me I wanted to get rid of items I no longer wear (checkout my Poshmark for some of the items coming soon!) and organize the items I’m keeping so I can see them easier. Closets can be one of the hardest areas to keep tidy, organized and clean so I hope you find this cleaning motivation video helpful!

If you have anything in particular you would like to see in this deep cleaning 2020 series, please let me know!

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○ Jewelry Organizer

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