9 Closet Organization Hacks

Here is what you’ll need!

1. Use a pool noodle to hold up long boots. Cut the noodle to the size of the boot and stick it inside.

2. Attach a shower caddy to the back of your closet door. Store small things like sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, etc.

3. Quickly fold a shirt by using this method (see video).

4. Replace all of your hangers with matching ones to save space and make it look cleaner.

5. Attach shower curtain rings to a hanger to hang scarves and belts.

6. Hang tension rods to create a shoe shelf. Place them flat to hold flat shoes or place them slanted to hold heels.

7. Add vertical space with hanging shelves. If your closet is small, use a hanging shoe shelf.

8. Store flats and flip flops in magazine holders.

9. Use a tie hanger to hang tank tops.

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